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Canbebe Jumbo Extra Large 6 Diaper 46 'S

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Let your little one enjoy hours of uninterrupted sleep and play with Canbebe ComfortDry diapers! These diapers are designed with a super absorbent layer that keeps your baby dry and fits perfectly. The elastic tape ensures that there are no leakages by covering the baby’s belly and giving them total freedom to move around. Canbebe Jumbo Extra Large 6 Diaper 46 'S is suitable for all skin types, keeping your baby rash-free and happy.

To ensure the best fit, make sure you choose the right diaper size according to your baby’s weight. Canbebe ComfortDry diapers are suitable for babies who weigh 16kgs or more. With Canbebe diapers, your baby will have a comfortable and dry night, providing them with maximum dryness and preventing any rashes or irritation. Additionally, these diapers are easy to put on and take off, making diaper changes a breeze.

Keeps your Baby  21% More Dry

Canbebe's ComfortDry technology ensures your baby's delicate skin stays dry, preventing rash, redness, and leakages. The green layer of the diaper is designed to absorb liquid faster, making it extra absorbent. With Canbebe ComfortDry, your baby can enjoy a comfortable and healthy experience.

Comfortable and Affordable

Canbebe's ComfortDry technology provides a high-quality diaper at an affordable price, ensuring that you don't have to spend a lot of money. The soft top sheet of Canbebe diapers prevents lumps, making your baby more comfortable.

Superior Leak Protection and Anti-odor Technology

Canbebe baby diapers feature elastic side bands that provide leak protection by covering the baby's belly while allowing freedom of movement, ensuring a leak-proof fit. Additionally, the diapers incorporate anti-odor technology to keep your baby smelling fresh and playful throughout the day.

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