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Sunsilk Black Shine Shampoo 80 ml

Product Description

About the Brand

One of the most well-known brands in Pakistan is Sunsilk, which is known for its extensive line of producing hair care products. They put their efforts into developing the greatest formulas for their shampoos and conditioners. Through its products, Sunsilk ensures that any hair damage treatment remains available to its clients.

Product Description

Get ready to maintain that hair shine all day long with Sunsilk Black Shine Shampoo. With its advanced formula, comprising of Amla Pearl Complex, you can flaunt that shine for hours.


• Achieve long-lasting shine with Sunsilk Stunning Black Shine all day long

• This solution hydrates and nourishes your black hair, making it appear fuller and shinier. It contains an Amla pearl complex.

• Restores a healthy, shiny appearance and eliminates dullness.


1. Use water to rinse your hair.

2. Apply shampoo, making sure the amount is as much as a coin. Lather. Use a spinning finger motion when washing to hydrate and clear pores.

3. Rinse well with running water to remove any shampoo.

Packaging Information

Each bottle contains 80n ml of Sunsilk Black Shine Shampoo

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