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Similac Total Comfort-1 Powder 360 gm

COMPANYAbbott Nutrition
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About the Brand

The popularity of Similac Total Comfort® is incomparable in the United States.  Similac Total Comfort helps babies who have trouble digesting other milk-based formulas and are a suitable fit for this mild, simple-to-digest formula. This item was produced in Spain. In order to aid with shortages in the supply chain, Abbott Nutrition collaborated with the FDA to import this product. Because every baby's stomach is different, it can be challenging to predict how each infant will react to a change in formula. It is usually advisable to see your physician before changing the formula.

Product Details

Similac Total Comfort -1 is the best alternative for breastfeeding, providing your little munchkin with all the essential nutrients and vitamins. Although it is advised for new moms to breastfeed their babies, there are numerous problems associated with breastfeeding. These include latching pain because of sore nipples; cracked nipples due to regular breastfeeding, skin dehydration, or even latching pain; plugged ducts that result in lumps in your breast area that can lead to infections; and engorgement or high milk supply, which make it impossible for your baby to latch on. Similac Total Comfort-1 360gm is made for new moms who are unable to breastfeed their babies. 

This formula is designed for babies who are 0-6 months old. Similac Total Comfort -1 Infant Formula is made with an exclusive blend of 5 HMO prebiotics structurally identical to those in breast milk. The formula also has nutrition designed for immune support, brain development, and digestive health. Similac is the #1 infant formula brand chosen by parents. It contains no artificial growth hormones and is a non-GMO powdered supplement.

360 Whole-Baby Support

Nutritionally designed for supporting the immune system, brain development, and digestive health. Features OptiGRO, our exclusive blend of DHA, Lutein, and Vitamin E, special nutrients found in breast milk that are important for helping support a baby's brain and eye development.

#1 Infant Formula Brand Chosen By Parents

It is a trusted brand that has been trusted by families and parents for years. It is the number 1 choice when it comes to choosing an infant supplement. Similac Total Comfort Infant Formula provides complete nutrition for your baby's first year and is formulated to be gentle on tiny tummies with partially broken-down protein for easy digestion, and prebiotics for softer stools.

No Artificial Growth Hormones & Non-GMO

Similac is the first leading infant formula brand with no artificial growth hormones. It contains ingredients that are not genetically engineered.

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