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Similac 2 Powder 400 gm

COMPANYAbbott Nutrition
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As a mother, you want to provide your child the best possible life. Similac 2 Powder 400 gm takes you one step closer to giving your child the best of the worlds. What better time to begin than now, while your darling child is still little? When your child learns about the world he lives in, the first few years are the most crucial. More than just DHA is required for his brain and eye development. Give your child the best nutrition with Similac 2 Powder 400 gm which has EyeQ Plus, natural vitamin E, lutein, and DHA. It is specifically designed for nutritional absorption and is a palm-oil free formula.

Eye-Q System of nutrients

Supports the baby's brain development by including Omega 3 and 6, choline, iron, folic acid, and zinc.

Super Easy to Digest

Calcium aids in the development of healthy bones and overall musculature. Additionally, important fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals support the growth and function of the brain. It helps the bones to quickly absorb calcium for simple digestion.

Complete Nutritional Formula

It is enhanced with top-notch nutrients that helps with children's attention span, social abilities, and hand-eye coordination. It has vital fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins that support healthy growth and the development of strong bones and muscles in infants.

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