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Shield Evenflo Feeder 125 ml

Product Description

About the Brand

Legacies are made when companies work towards a purpose with consistency, and SHIELD®, with its 40 years of conscientious consumer care, is a legend in its own league. 

Just as a mother sits on her home's throne and protects her family, Shield constantly assist her in-the art of caring, It's a brand for families, made with love, made to care. Shield® continuously strives to develop new products and services through extensive research and development.

It is a company that listens to its customers and adapts itself accordingly and has contributed tremendously in the lives of mothers by providing them the best quality product to take care of their children. Tailored for absolute consumer satisfaction now and in the future, Shield® is proud of its heritage.

About the Product

Shield Evenflo Feeder 125 ml is the best choice of a mother for their baby’s. it has been attempted and tried by the mothers in Pakistan due to its quality and reliability. Its unique design makes your baby’s feeding experience comfortable. It is made of PP material that ensures your baby’s health. 

Shield Evenflo Feeder 125 ml is the best feeder bottle for growing babies. It is the most trusted product by many parents. The feeder bottles are made of polycarbonates, lowering the risk of bacterial germs.

Key Features

  • Translucent, blue colour (125ml) feeder
  • Provides a smooth flow of milk
  • Hiccup-Free feeding
  • It can be boiled without damage to the shape of the bottle
  • Made with PP material, BPA free
  • Can be sterilized without damage to the shape of the bottle

Packaging Information

1 x Feeding Bottle

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1 Pack = 125ml Feeder(s)
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