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Sensodyne Multi Care Toothpaste 100 gm

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Sensodyne is best for treating sensitive teeth, dentists most frequently suggest Sensodyne. With stannous fluoride, Sensodyne Restore & Protect Whitening Toothpaste may repair and strengthen enamel while reducing sensitivity. In several nations throughout the world, we are the #1 bestselling brand for sensitive teeth*, and millions of people rely on us. Why? The simple reason is that our selection of Sensodyne toothpaste has been shown to reduce sensitive tooth discomfort and offer long-lasting protection with twice-daily brushing.

Product Description

Twice daily brushing with Sensodyne Multi Care Toothpaste works 24/7 to give you tooth sensitivity relief and also contains fluoride for cavity protection. When used twice a day, it works 24/7 to give you tooth sensitivity relief. The product builds soothing protection around the nerve, deep inside the tooth so you don’t need to worry when you eat or drink. It is for adults and children over the age of 12 for fast sensitivity relief and lasting sensitivity protection. In addition to relieving sensitivity, with twice-daily brushing, the toothpaste fights tooth decay, strengthens enamel, helps to remove plaque and maintain healthy gums, and leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh. The fluoride present in toothpaste works on cavity protection and helps maintain healthy gums also the minty flavor keeps the mouth fresh and maintains good breath.

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