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Pediasure Vanilla Powder 400 gm

COMPANYAbbott Nutrition
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Pediasure provides a selection of solutions to support your kid as they grow from toddlers to preteens to adolescents while providing complete, balanced nutrition. PediaSure puts the science of growth on your side thanks to its scientific formulation and capacity to support your child's growth surge. PediaSure is a 37-nutrient, complete, and balanced food that has been fortified with Arginine and natural Vitamin K2 to support the growth of longer and stronger bones. PediaSure is a formulation that has been clinically and scientifically proved to help youngsters develop noticeably in 90 days while boosting immunity.

Product Details 

Pediasure Powder is a complete, balanced nutritional supplement1 that’s scientifically formulated to support growth, promote immunity, and help to build a healthy appetite. The yummy dietary supplement comes in 3 flavors; Strawberry, Vanilla, and Chocolate giving you delicious flavors to choose from. For children at nutritional risk, PediaSure with 225 kcal per serve, offers complete, balanced nutrition to help them grow fit and well.  PediaSure is suitable as a sole source of nutrition or supplement in children 1-10 years. Children aged 1-10 years who are at nutritional risk include children whose patterns of growth are below those of their age group, whose caloric and nutrient requirements are increased due to a medical condition, and/or children who are undernourished. Reasons may include that they may have a decreased food intake due to illness or their appetite is diminished due to medical reasons.

Complete and Balanced Nutrition for Children Between 1-10 years

Specially formulated for children aged 1 to 10 years to provide them with a powder fused with all the essential nutrients and vitamins that their bodies require in order for healthy functioning. 

Contains Essential Dietary Components 

With added oligofructose (FOS) prebiotic and Lactobacillus acidophilus, naturally occurring in plants, is an important dietary supplement for children that supports immunity. Contains 28 nutrients including essential vitamins and minerals to help support a healthy appetite.

Aids with Normal Growth and Development

Its new triple-protein complex helps support growth and development. Contains DHA to support brain and central nervous health.

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