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Pediasure Triplesure Vanilla Powder 850 gm

COMPANYAbbott Nutrition
Product Description

About the Brand

Health care provider Abbott Laboratories is based in the United States. It employs 94,000 people and conducts business in more than 150 nations. Over time, it expanded to include the sale of nutritious goods, medical equipment, diagnostic tests, and pharmaceuticals based on research. Abbott offers a wide selection of branded generic medications, test equipment, medical devices, and food products.

Product Description

If you're a concerned parent seeking a complete and balanced nutritional supplement to support your child's growth and immunity, Pediasure Triplesure Vanilla Powder 850 gm is the perfect solution. PEDIASURE® Powder with New Triple Sure Formula is scientifically formulated to promote growth, immunity, and a healthy appetite.

Pediasure Triplesure Vanilla Powder 850 gm contains a new triple-protein complex that supports growth and development, along with added DHA to promote brain and central nervous health. Its favorable oil blend ensures easy absorption, even for children with impaired fat digestion.

With three delicious flavors to choose from (Strawberry, Vanilla, and Chocolate), Pediasure Triplesure Vanilla Powder 850 gm is a yummy dietary supplement suitable for children aged 1-10 years, as a sole source of nutrition or supplement. Its formula comprises sixteen essential minerals and vitamins, as well as Omega-3 and fatty acids. The presence of iron supports rapid growth and promotes strong bones and muscle strength in growing children. It is advised to consult your doctor before starting the supplement.

Key Benefits

  • Formulated for kids aged 1 to 10 years
  • Flavor: Vanilla
  • Provides complete and balanced nutrition
  • Can be administered orally or through tube feeding
  • Contains 27 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Contains 6.7grams of protein per 225ml serve when mixed with cold water
  • Contains added DHA
  • Pediasure Triplesure Vanilla Powder 850 gm contains both oligofructose (FOS) prebiotic and Lactobacillus acidophilus, which are added to enhance its nutritional value

Preparatory Instructions 

  • To make a 225mL portion, pour 190mL of either cold or room temperature water into a cup.
  • Gradually add and mix 5 leveled scoops or 48.6g of Pediasure Triplesure Vanilla Powder 850 gm.
  • One 850g can of Pediasure Triplesure Vanilla Powder 850 gm can yield approximately 17.5 servings of 225mL each.


  • Only use under medical supervision as it is food for special medical purposes
  • Not suitable for children with galactosemia
  • Not intended for parenteral use
  • Upon opening, it is recommended to transfer the contents of the package into a clean, airtight container.
  • Seal container tightly after every use and store in a cool, dry place
  • Clean and dry enclosed scoop before use
  • Use contents within 3 weeks of opening or follow expiry date
  • Do not exceed recommended dose
  • Use enclosed scoop for preparing the drink

What’s in the can?

  • Powdered constituents
  • Covering cap
  • Scoop

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