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Morinaga BF Chil School Growing Up Formula 4 Chocolate Powder 600 gm

Product Description

About the Brand

Morinaga Milk Industry serves its customers with delicious and dependable products. Their commitment to quality is evident in all the products they manufacture. They use innovative technology to maintain a strict quality system that closely monitors every process, from raw material and packaging material procurement to product manufacture and sales, to ensure that no flaw, abnormality, or error goes unnoticed. Morinaga Milk is dedicated to providing consumers with the highest quality products possible. They offer to use cutting-edge technology to provide healthy and delightful experiences. Nutrio is a company that promotes health and nutrition. Individuals who are in good health are able to live their lives to the fullest. NutriCo delivers the nutritional foundations for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Product Description

Little ones can get hungry anytime and one cannot ignore their appetite.Morinaga BF Chil School Growing Up Formula 4 Chocolate Powder 600 gm can be a healthy choice for this purpose! Enriched with vitamins and minerals, it helps provide with various nutrients and energy to increase activity of the toddlers. It fulfills the daily requirements of nutrition for your children aged 3 and more.

Giving the essential nutrition from an early age is vital for growing kids.Multiple studies have shown that babies who receive an adequate amount of nutrition in the initial age of growing are much more likely to benefit from healthier health through childhood and adulthood. Morinaga BF Chil School Growing Up Formula 4 Chocolate Powder 600 gm is created with vitamins and minerals to ensure your child is getting a healthy supply of nourishing food. This milk powder can help with the development and growth of your little one.

Flavored with delicious Chocolate taste, it gives a wholesome flavor for toddlers to enjoy. You can include the supplement in your toddler’s daily diet and ensure their health. If you are one of those moms who are looking to provide your baby that extra chance at getting the best possible nutrition, Morinaga BF Chil School Growing Up Formula 4 Chocolate Powder 600 gm is your BEST bet!

Contains DHA, LA, ALA

DHA helps with brain development. It is known to promote and improve your child's neuro-cognitive functioning.Proper development of motor functions during the initial years of your child’s growth is very important. The powder is made in such a way that it helps aid the natural process of growth and development alongside preventing allergic diseases in your newborn.

Lactulose and Nucleotides

It contains nucleotides, which can also be found in mother’s milk and are considered to strengthen the immune system. Nucleotides help in developing the digestive system and also enhances nutrient absorption. Lactulose itself is effective for the baby's health.


Lactoferrin is known to help build immunity. It provides defense against various diseases as well as promoting the intestinal (tummy) environment. It protects the baby’s guts and strengthens it.

Key Features

  • Suitable toddlers 3 years and older
  • Contains all healthy ingredients
  • DHA promotes brain health and development
  • Has the nucleotides that help strengthen immunity
  • Strengthens the nervous system function
  • Provides defense against various diseases as well as promoting the intestinal (tummy) environment
  • Contains Lactulose which is effective for baby’s health
  • Enhances nutrient absorption
  • LA & ALA prevents your child from allergic diseases
  • Supports children with their physical and mental growth


  • Not suitable for children with lactose intolerance
  • Consult your pediatrician before using
  • Store at room temperature out of direct sunlight
  • After opening the container, replace the lid tightly to keep out moisture, insects, dust, hair, etc
  • Use it up as soon as possible (within a month)
  • Do not store in a refrigerator as this may cause moisture to condense inside the container
  • After using the scoop, wash and dry it, and keep it clean
  • Do not leave the scoop inside the container
  • Unopened formula can be used safely until the expiration date printed on the bottom
  • Be sure to cool the formula to body temperature before feeding the baby
  • Consume immediately, prepare fresh formula for each feeding

How to Prepare

  1. Wash your hands before preparing the formula 
  2. Sterilize the bottles and utensils before use
  3. To correctly prepare the formula, use the scoop provided
  4. Put the required number of level scoops of the powdered formula into a sterilized baby bottle or their favorite cup/glass
  5. Boil a sufficient amount of water and allow the boiled water to cool to no less than 70˚C
  6. Pour the water into the baby bottle, filling it to about 2/3 of the desired amount for feeding, leaving room for mixing
  7. Shake well until the powder completely dissolves/mix well
  8. Now, fill the bottle to the desired amount by adding water (either warm or cool) that has been sterilized by boiling, and shake gently
  9. Cool and check the temperature of the prepared formula before feeding it to the baby


One level scoop is about 2.6g, equivalent to 20ml of formula

Suggested Dose: 7 scoops of formula added to 180ml of water. 2-3 times a day is recommended.

What’s in the Tin

  • Powdered constituents 
  • Scooping spoon
  • Covering lid

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