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Lifebuoy Herbal Strong Shampoo 90 ml

Product Description

About the Brand

When it comes to producing hygiene solutions for people all around the world, Lifebuoy is one of the top brands. By providing a variety of products that will keep you healthy and fresh, they encourage good hygiene practices. Soaps, body washes, liquid handwashes, and hand sanitizers make up the majority of their offerings.

Product Description

Lifebuoy Shampoo gives hair a world of new age nourishment that is all about boosting the base. It feeds and restores milk protein, making hair healthier from root to tip.


  • Thoroughly nourishes hair and provides shine
  • Helps to thicken the hair from roots to tips with its milk protein elements
  • Features a pleasant scent

Packaging Information

Each bottle contains 90 ml of Lifebuoy Shampoo Natural Herbal



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