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Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S

Prescription Required

FORMULAAmiloride 5 mg + Furosemide 40 mg
Dosing & Indication
Side Effects

Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S is commonly referred to as, Water pill, it is a combination drug that belongs to a class of medicines known as diuretics. Conditions like high blood pressure and excess build-up of fluid in the body cause swelling, this medication helps control blood pressure through its action on the kidneys. Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S, is available as tablets that can be prescribed to adults in appropriate doses. It may be prescribed, alongside other blood pressure or heart medications. 


How Does Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S Work

Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S is chemically composed of, amiloride and furosemide. Furosemide is a loop diuretic, which exerts its action via the kidneys. It is common knowledge that salt retains water, and this forms the basis of the working mechanism of Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S. Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S blocks the sodium chloride (salt) reabsorption by inhibiting their transport channel in the kidney. This causes filtration and removal of sodium, chloride, and other salts along with water, thereby decreasing pressure in the vessels and edema. Amiloride also blocks salt reuptake but reduces potassium excretion as well.

Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S can be used to treat:

  • High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
  • Diuresis: when potassium needs to be conserved 


Adult Dose

1 to 2 tablets to be taken orally, every morning 

Child Dose

Not suggested for this age group 

Elderly Dose

Regarding the dosage for the elderly caution is advised, discuss it with your doctor.


How To Use Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S

Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S is available in form of oral tablets to be taken with a glass of water, milk, or a meal, once a day usually. Do not crush or chew the tablets. Follow the doses as advised by your doctor.

Inform your healthcare supervisor immediately, if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Allergic reaction 
  • Hypotension 
  • Skin Rash
  • Dizziness
  • High blood uric acid 
  • High blood sugar 
  • High potassium in the blood 
  • Change in color of urine/
  • Dehydration  
  • Muscle weakness/cramps 
  • Swelling of blood vessels 
  • Disturbance in electrolytes 
  • Disturbance of blood cells (neutropenia, etc.)
  • Increase in serum creatinine 
  • Difficulty with vision
  • Raised serum creatinine 
  • Hearing problems 
  • Heart palpitations
  • Gout 
  • Swelling of hands and feet/ankle
  • Increased alkalinity of blood (metabolic alkalosis)


Please tell your doctor if you have a history of any of the following before using Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S:

  • Hypersensitivity to Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S
  • Kidney failure 
  • Hyponatremia 
  • Hypokalemia 
  • Liver cirrhosis/encephalopathy 
  • Comatose patients 
  • Addison’s disease 
  • Severe dehydration 
  • Pregnancy 
  • Allergy to sulphonamide 


Please tell your doctor about any of the following conditions before using Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S:

  • Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S must be used with caution if you have a history of drug-related allergies
  • Any problem in the kidney must be mentioned to your doctor before starting Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S
  • Ensure adequacy of liver function before taking this drug
  • Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S tend to raise blood sugar, caution is advised In case you have diabetes
  • Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S also raises blood uric acid, in case you have gout ask a doctor first
  • Some patients feel dizzy and hypotensive while taking Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S, try to manage your activities accordingly 
  • Special care should be taken when treating the elderly age group 
  • Electrolyte depletion and low salts in the body are common to develop, monitor your symptoms 
  • You may experience muscle weakness or cramps
  • Keep yourself well-hydrated 
  • In case of pregnancy or if you are trying to conceive, or breastfeeding, discuss with your doctor
  • Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S  causes excess urination but at times patients have a difficulty in passing urine
  • Monitor serum potassium, BUN, and creatinine at intervals

Always provide correct information to the doctor about all the drugs that you are currently taking. Following drugs may interact with Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S, a few of which are: 

  • Antiarrhythmics like digoxin 
  • Antibiotics like cephalosporin 
  • Anti-maniac / anti-depressants like lithium 
  • Antifungals like amphotericin 
  • Anticonvulsants like carbamazepinee 
  • Aminoglycosides like gentamicin
  • Corticosteroids 
  • Laxatives 
  • Anti-asthmatics like theophylline 
  • Immunosuppressants like ciclosporin, methotrexate 
  • Antipsychotics like Risperidone 
  • Diuretics like metolazone 
  • Potassium supplements
  • Radiocontrast agents (used in x-rays, scanning)

#1. Can lifestyle changes help me with my condition?

Yes, you can adopt specific healthy lifestyle changes to help with high blood pressure and edema. These include quitting smoking, avoiding alcohol, eating a wholesome diet consisting of fresh vegetables and fruits with the cut down on salt, weight loss, and incorporating physical activity into your daily routine.

#2.  How to store Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S?

Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S is to be kept away from the reach of children, in a cool dry, and dark place away from direct sunlight and humidity. Store between 25 to 30 °C.

#3. Can I consume alcohol with Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S?

Alcohol is also known to lower your blood pressure which if taken with the medication may lead to extreme dizziness. Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S also interacts with alcohol so it is best to avoid the intake of alcohol during your treatment.

#4. What if I forget to take Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S?

It is advised that the drug is taken at the same time each day, mostly taken once in the mornings. An alarm can be placed to remind patients to take Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S at the proper time. If the patient misses a dose of Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S, they should take it immediately but if the time for the next dose is near then it is beneficial for patients to skip the missed dose and take the tablets as per schedule, doubling of doses has proven to cause severe side effects. 

#5. Can Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S cause dizziness? If so, how should I manage it?

Yes. It can cause dizziness and if this happens, you should sit or lie down until the symptoms pass. However, please note this is temporary and usually goes away as the treatment continues. It is also advised to avoid the consumption of alcohol during your treatment, as it may worsen the dizziness.

#6. Can I drive while taking Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S?

This medicine is likely to cause dizziness in which case you must not drive or handle any sharp or heavy machinery. 

#7. Can Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S be taken during pregnancy and lactation?

Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S should not be taken due to potentially harmful effects on unborn babies. Also, Lasoride 40mg+5mg Tablet 10 'S is secreted into breast milk so ask a doctor first before taking it.

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