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Johnson's Baby No More Tangles Shampoo 500 ml

Product Description

About the Brand

Johnsons Baby is a well-known brand that produces and markets baby products all over the world. Their items are suited to your baby's age and stage. You'll find a wide range of goods divided into categories based on your baby's routine. Their products include Baby Wash, Bubble Bath, Baby Cologne, Cotton Swabs, Gift Sets, Hair Care, Baby Lotion, Nursing pads, Baby Oil, Powder, and Wipes.

Product Description

Baby shampoo No more tangles is a combination of ingredients designed to make the hair of babies and toddlers manageable and tangle-free. It has elements that untangle and soften up to 75% of hairs and it is part of the Baby Care category.


  • NO MORE TEARS® formula is gentle to the eyes as pure water
  • Specifically designed to be gentle versus regular adult products
  • Untangles knots for smooth and healthy-looking hair
  • Makes combing easy even on long or curly hair
  • Hypoallergenic - Free from dyes, parabens and alcohol
  • Pediatrician and dermatologist-tested


Make sure to wet the child's hair with warm water before then pour the detangling shampoo and gently wash, and rinse. 

Product Information

Each bottle contains 500 ml of Detangling Shampoo.

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