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Disprin 300mg Tablet 10 'S

FORMULAAspirin 300 mg
COMPANYReckitt Benckiser
Dosing & Indication
Side Effects

Aspirin contained in Disprin 300mg Tablet 10 'S has a multitude of uses, such as easing the flow of blood to the heart in emergencies (eg, stroke), and moderate to severe pain and has also shown to be effective in relieving toothaches. Pregnant and lactating women are advised to discuss the positives and negatives with their physician before ingesting any drug.Disprin 300mg Tablet 10 'S is not prescribed to patients under the age of 12 years.


How Does Disprin 300mg Tablet 10 'S Work

Aspirin has a potent anti-coagulation factor that prevents unnecessary blood clots from forming and blocking blood vessels that supply oxygen and other nutrients to the heart and other vital organs.

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