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Crepe Bandage 4.5 inch (10cm) Bandage 1 'S

COMPANYRashid And Sons
Product Description

Product Description 

A crepe bandage is a bandage made up of cotton blended with rayon. The bandage belongs to the surgical category. Crepe bandage 4 inches (10cm) is used to give support against strains and sprains of joints and muscles. Crepe bandages are perfect to give support during musculoskeletal injuries. The kind of crepe bandage is porous which accounts for perfect air circulation. The 4 inches kind of crepe bandage offers ideal strength and stretch. 


  • Helps relieve muscle strain and joint pain
  • Offers firm support and compression along with warmth
  • Made of skin-friendly material to ensure comfort, reusable and washable
  • Material is soft and absorbent
  • Available in 4 inches (10cm) sized roll


  • Dry and clean the skin 
  • Hold the bandage with the roll's beginning facing up.
  • Place the bandage's loose end at the top of the area you want to bandage.
  • With one hand, secure the bandage's loose end. Wrap the bandage twice in a circle around the region with the opposite hand. The bandage should always be wrapped from the outside. 
  • Avoid wrapping the elastic bandage too tightly so as to restrict blood flow. 
  • Do not use it if the product is damp or molded.

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