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Canped Adult Pant Small 10 'S

Product Description

About the Brand

Canped is a firm that specializes in personal hygiene goods. They provide a wide choice of incontinence solutions for people of all ages, from adults to children.

Product Description

Canped adult pants, small are a useful approach for dealing with bladder control issues. The pants are made to look like underwear. Super-absorbent multilayers are used in the centre of the pants to soak heavy involuntary urine elimination. The skin is kept secure thanks to the breathable sides. On the edges, there are anti-leak cuffs that operate as barriers to limit leaking and maintain clothes dry and clean. On the outside of the pants is a moisture indication that indicates when it's time to change. Individuals can readily wear and dispose of them.


  • For adults waist size 60-90cm | 10 diapers per pack
  • Highly-absorbent multi-layered core for containing heavy flow
  • Anti-leak cuffs - prevent leakages
  • Underwear style ensures ease of use
  • Wetness indicator - helps track time of change

Packaging Information

Each Pack consists of 10 pieces of adult pants

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1 Pack = 10 Diaper(s)
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