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Avil 25mg Tablet 50 'S

Prescription Required

FORMULAPheniramine Maleate 25 mg
Dosing & Indication
Side Effects

Avil 25mg Tablet 50 'S is a synthetic medication and belongs to the Alkylamine family. Based on the mechanism of action, it belongs to the H1-antagonist pharmacological group, as well as the Antihistamine; decongestant combination pharmacological group. Avil 25mg Tablet 50 'S contains Pheniramine maleate as an active ingredient. This medication works by blocking the release of a chemical agent called Histamine. It possesses anticholinergic and sedative properties as well.

Avil 25mg Tablet 50 'S is used to treat a variety of conditions and is available in both oral and topical formulations. Oral pheniramine can be included in over-the-counter (OTC) treatments for hay fever, upper respiratory infections, and the common cold. Pollen, ragweed, grass, animal hair and dander, and other eye allergens can produce redness and itching, which can be relieved by using pheniramine eye drops topically. is available in some over-the-counter allergy, cold, and flu medications, where it's combined with other medications. This medication has the potential for abuse.


How Does Avil 25mg Tablet 50 'S Work

When attached to the histamine H1 receptor, Avil 25mg Tablet 50 'S competes with histamine for binding and acts as an inverse agonist. Lower H1 receptor activation causes decreased itching, as well as reduced vasodilation and capillary leakage, which results in less redness and edema. This is evident by the reduction of the histamine-induced wheal (swelling) and flare (vasodilation) responses.

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