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Aprovel 300mg Tablet 14 'S (2)

Prescription Required

FORMULAIrbesartan 300 mg
Dosing & Indication
Side Effects

This drug is prescribed to patients with high blood pressure (normal blood pressure for adults is usually 120/80 mmHg) and to patients with kidney diseases and diabetes type 2 who are suffering from hypertension. Hypertension left untreated can cause severe damage to the brain, heart, kidney, blood vessels, and other body organs. High blood pressure is also caused by the narrowing of the arteries (blood vessels that take blood to the organs) thus Aprovel 300mg Tablet 14 'S (2) helps prevent the decrease in the diameter of the vessels keeping them healthy and working efficiently.


How Does Aprovel 300mg Tablet 14 'S (2) Work

This drug belongs to a group of medicines known as Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers. Angiotensin is a natural hormone found in the body that raises blood pressure by narrowing the blood vessels (vasoconstriction). Aprovel 300mg Tablet 14 'S (2) works by inhibiting angiotensin from performing its function and therefore preventing the narrowing of blood vessels and aiding the free and proper flow of blood to the organs and through the blood vessels.


Aprovel 300mg Tablet 14 'S (2) can be used for:

  • Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
  • Reduction of the risk of stroke in patients with heart disease
  • Managing kidney impairment in patients suffering from type 2 diabetes


  • Hypertension in adults then the daily dose is 150mg. Commonly once daily, may be increased to 300mg once daily or other anti-hypertensives may be added.
  • If Aprovel 300mg Tablet 14 'S (2) is used to decrease the risk of stroke or future strokes in patients with hypertension and increased heart size then the daily dose is 150mg; the doctor may add another medicine in combination with Aprovel 300mg Tablet 14 'S (2) in such scenarios to help bring about better or faster results.
  • For kidney disease in type II diabetes, 150mg once daily is prescribed and can be increased to 300mg once daily. Alterations can be made in the future depending on the patient’s blood pressure levels.

Elderly Dosage

For patients over the age of 75 years, the drug’s dosage may be lower than usual. If after a few weeks, the patient’s blood pressure levels do not decrease the physician may increase the patient’s dosage.

Pregnancy Use And Lactation

This drug is not to be taken or prescribed to expecting and lactating mothers as it may have fatal consequences for the unborn child. If you are taking the drug and become pregnant, inform your doctor immediately. If you are planning to conceive and are taking Aprovel 300mg Tablet 14 'S (2) as treatment, then refer to the doctor. The physician is likely to change your medicine and dosage.


How To Use Aprovel 300mg Tablet 14 'S (2)

A tablet of Aprovel 300mg Tablet 14 'S (2) is prescribed per day to be taken orally (by mouth) either with or without food. The dosage may differ for each patient as the treatment regime for each patient depends upon their weight, stage of illness, each patient’s response to Aprovel 300mg Tablet 14 'S (2), and any pre-existing medical condition a patient might have. Aprovel 300mg Tablet 14 'S (2) is not prescribed to patients under the age of 18 years nor is it prescribed to expecting, lactating mothers nor to women who are planning to start a family.

The first dose of Aprovel 300mg Tablet 14 'S (2) is recommended to be taken a few hours before bedtime as Aprovel 300mg Tablet 14 'S (2) may cause drowsiness. It is advised to not stop treatment abruptly without consulting a doctor as the risk of heart failure and stroke is significantly increased without the drug.

Like most medicines,Aprovel 300mg Tablet 14 'S (2) has certain side effects which include:

  • Dizziness
  • Orthostatic effects (reduced blood pressure on change of posture i.e.standing)
  • Diarrhoea
  • Heartburn
  • Myalgia (muscle pain)
  • Migraine (recurrent headaches)


  • Patients who are volume and Na depleted by vigorous diuretic therapy, dietary salt restriction, diarrhea, or vomiting.
  • Renovascular hypertension (high blood pressure caused by the kidney's hormonal response to the narrowing of arteries supplying the kidneys).
  • Renal impairment (kidney damage) and kidney transplantation.
  • Aortic or mitral stenosis (heart valve narrowing) or obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (abnormal thickening of heart muscle).
  • Primary aldosteronism (excessive production of the hormone aldosterone from adrenal glands).
  • Hypertensive (high blood pressure) patients with type II diabetes (a disorder characterized by high blood sugar) and renal (kidney) disease.
  • Hyperkalaemia (increased blood potassium level). 

Please note that the use of Aprovel 300mg Tablet 14 'S (2) may impair the ability to drive or operate machinery.


Please tell your doctor if you have a history of any of the following before using Aprovel 300mg Tablet 14 'S (2):

  • Primary aldosteronism (excessive production of the hormone aldosterone from adrenal glands).
  • Allergic reaction to Aprovel 300mg Tablet 14 'S (2) or any other drug or ingredient
  • Severe hepatic impairment (liver damage)
  • Dehydration
  • On a low-sodium diet
  • Potassium Supplements
  • Renal impairment

Please tell your doctor about the use of the following before using Aprovel 300mg Tablet 14 'S (2):

  • K+ -sparing diuretics (Spironolactone,Amiloride)
  • K+ supplements
  • NSAIDs (Aspirin, Ibuprofen,Naproxen)
  • Lithium  (Prescribed for bipolar and/or depression)
  • Skeletal muscle relaxants.
  • Oral contraceptives 
  • Other antihypertensives (for lowering increased blood pressure).

#1. How long will I have to continue taking the medication?

It is a long-term treatment and you might have to continue taking the medication even for the rest of your life.

#2. Can I consume alcohol with Aprovel 300mg Tablet 14 'S (2)?

Alcohol is also known to lower your blood pressure which if taken with the medication may lead to extreme dizziness. It is best to avoid the intake of alcohol during the course of your treatment.

#3. Can lifestyle changes help me with my condition?

Yes. You can adopt certain healthy lifestyle changes in order to help with high blood pressure. These include quitting smoking, avoiding alcohol, eating a wholesome diet consisting of fresh vegetables and fruits with the cut down on salt, and incorporating physical activity in your daily routine.

#4. Is it safe to have Aprovel 300mg Tablet 14 'S (2) before undergoing any surgical procedure?

If the surgical procedure involves general anesthesia, the surgeon may ask the patient to stop their intake of the drug for 24 hours as general anesthesia also tends to lower blood pressure levels in a few patients.

#5. Will Aprovel 300mg Tablet 14 'S (2) interfere with oral contraceptives?

There is no evidence showing that Aprovel 300mg Tablet 14 'S (2) causes any problems when taken along with oral contraceptives. Inform the doctor of the oral contraceptives being taken as a few contraceptive medicines are not recommended for women with high blood pressure.

#6. Can I drive after taking this medication?

This medication is known to make you dizzy hence if that happens kindly avoid driving or operating any heavy machinery.


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