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Always Maxi Thick Value Pack Extra long Pad 16 'S

COMPANYProcter & Gamble
Product Description

About the Brand

Always has been serving women with period care products for 40+ years. Ensuring that those products are safe for the millions of women who use them is at he foundation of everything they do. Always Pakistan is confident in the quality and safety they provide with all their sanitary pads. Every single ingredient in the Always products is safe and does not damage the environment and they are proud to share their data because nothing is more important to them than their customers’ well-being.

About the Product

With a thick cushioned center, Always Maxi Thick Value Pack Extra long Pad 16 'S are perfect sanitary napkins for every woman. They are perfect for you if you experience excessive flow and have to change every now and then. With three absorbing pillows, Always Maxi Thick Value Pack Extra long Pad 16 'S provides you with a confident protection throughout the day. Due to their super absorbent gel particles, they quickly suck the moisture and keep your skin dry. They are perfect for use in every type of weather and fit perfectly with each body type!

Always Maxi Thick Value Pack Extra long Pad 16 'S are sanitary pads that provide protection for up to 8 hours, making you feel more free and confident during those special days when your energy levels are at their lowest levels.

Key Benefits

  • Size: Extra Long
  • Type: Maxi Thick
  • Number of Pads: 16
  • Pack Type: Value Pack
  • Up to 100% dryness & comfort even when you move
  • Extra-Absorbent top sheet, keeping wetness away from skin
  • Extra-absorbent gel core instantly absorbs liquid and locks it inside the pad to prevent leakage
  • Anti-leakage barriers in the front, back, and center
  • Smart lock technology
  • 8 hours protection against stains
  • Individually wrapped

Packaging Information

Individually wrapped, the pack consists of 16 pieces of extra long-sized pads.

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