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Acylex 5% Ointment 5 gm

Prescription Required

FORMULAAcyclovir 5%
COMPANYFerozsons Laboratories Ltd
Dosing & Indication
Side Effects

Acylex 5% Ointment 5 gm is grouped in the chemical family known as antivirals. This particular drug is prescribed to patients diagnosed with Herpes Varicella-Zoster virus, which causes painful rashes and/or blisters, that can occur anywhere on the body; otherwise known as chickenpox and/or shingles. Acylex 5% Ointment 5 gm is highly effective in eliminating blisters that form around the oral cavity (mouth) of patients suffering from Herpes. It is imperative to know that Acylex 5% Ointment 5 gm is also commonly prescribed to patients who are immunocompromised as a way of protecting them from ever contracting the virus; this also decreases the risk of spreading the virus.

Acylex 5% Ointment 5 gm is safe to be prescribed to patients of all ages but for patients aged 2 years and above. For women who are pregnant or planning to start a family Acylex 5% Ointment 5 gm may be prescribed only when necessary and under the supervision of a physician. Acylex 5% Ointment 5 gm is found in breast milk in trace amounts and is therefore prescribed quite rarely to breastfeeding mothers.


How Does Acylex 5% Ointment 5 gm Work

Acylex 5% Ointment 5 gm effectively hinders the action of an enzyme known as DNA polymerase that is responsible for viral replication in the body.

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