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Accu-Chek Softclix Lancets Strips 1 'S

COMPANYRoche Pharma
Product Description

About the Brand

For more than 40 years, the Accu-Chek brand has been dedicated to enabling people with diabetes to live life as normal and active as possible as well as to empower healthcare professionals to manage their patients’ conditions in an optimal way. Today, the Accu-Chek portfolio offers people with diabetes and healthcare professionals innovative products and impactful solutions for convenient, efficient, and effective diabetes management. It encompasses blood glucose meters, lancing devices, data management systems, and education programs – contributing to an improved medical outcome.

Product Description

Diabetes is a family affair for many of us. To be able to manage it while staying at home, at the luxury we all love to enjoy, is what Accu-Check products help with. Who wants to stand in the long queues at the hospital anyway? Accu-Chek Softclix Lancets Strips 1 'S is your go-to solution when it comes to portability and the ease of checking your blood-sugar level.

Accu-Chek Softclix Lancets Strips 1 'S are blood sampling solutions for testing glucose levels at home. The hassle-free sterile blood testing strip comes with clixmotion technique for capillary blood sampling without causing much pain to the user. It can be used for patients with Type 1 and 2 diabetes for keeping a check on blood sugar levels on a regular basis.

Carefully Engineered to Reduce Pain

Reduces the pain and eases the hassle of blood glucose testing with convenient pre-loaded lancets. These ultra-small needles can be used with the Softclix lancing device to collect a blood sample.

Precision Guided Technology

With 11 depth settings and precision guided technology to minimize side-to-side motion, the Accu-Chek Softclix Lancets Strips 1 'S system makes testing easier and more comfortable.

Thin Gauge and Bevel Cut

Easy-to-use sterile lancets feature a thin gauge and bevel cut to ensure smoother entry and less skin tearing to reduce discomfort while testing your blood sugar.

Features & Specifications

  • To determine blood glucose levels
  • Compatible with Accu-Chek Softclix Lancing Device only
  • 200 disposable lancets
  • Reliable and accurate results, making it easy to test right the first time
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Carefully engineered to make it pain-free
  • Hassle free testing of blood-sugar levels
  • 11 depth settings 
  • Precision guided technology minimizes side-to-side motion
  • Smoother entry of the needle
  • Reduces skin tearing and discomfort during the process
  • Disposable lancets, one-time use only

How to Use

  1. Pull off the cap
  2. Press the cap on again until it clicks
  3. Rotate the cap until the desired penetration depth is set
  4. Press the priming button down until it clicks
  5. Press the lancing device firmly against the side of the fingertip
  6. Press the yellow release button
  7. Once your finger is lanced, squeeze to collect the blood
  8. Add the drop of blood to the testing/sample collection end of the strips
  9. Check the reading on the device
  10. Dispose off the strip once done
  11. If the reading is:
  • Below 70 mg/dL (3.9 mmol/L), blood-glucose level is low
  • Less than 140 mg/dL (7.8 mmol/L). blood-glucose level is normal
  • Greater than 200 mg/dL, blood-glucose level is high

For changing the lancet

  1. Remove the cap of the lancet device
  2. Point the device towards the disposing can
  3. Eject the lancet by sliding the ejector forward
  4. Place the cap back on the lancet device


Each time the testing strip and lancet are used, they are to be immediately disposed off. For each testing, use a fresh lancet and strip.

Packaging Information

200 disposable Accu-Chek Softclix Lancets Strips 1 'S


The packaging does not contain the lancing device and have to be ordered separately.

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